di Cucuzza Davide

CUMA PERGAMENE is located in
the southern outskirts of Milan and was founded by the dedication and
love of its founder for the art of tanning.
Despite its short history, thanks to Davide Cucuzza's long experience and to the accuracy with which he chooses the raw material in order to provide a final product of the highest quality, our company is ready to meet the needs of
demanding and prestigious customers.

CUMA PERGAMENE  produces goat skin parchment of Italian origin.

Our skins are used in the furniture
industry and design fields, in bookbinding, leather goods factory,  and
for musical percussion instruments.
Our skins are available in various sizes, thicknesses and colours depending on the requests.
In addition to natural parchment we provide white, ivory, antique and coloured
We colour the skins in the barrels to ensure uniformity.
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